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You have this one life. How do you wanna spend it? Apologizing? Regretting? Questioning? Hating yourself? Dieting? Running after people who don’t see you? Be brave. Believe in yourself. Do what feels good. Take risks. You have this one life. Make yourself proud.

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Alex enjoying a cigarette before performing at MSG 08.02.13
It’s like coming home after a long trip. That’s what love is like. It’s like coming home.

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A thought is a hard thing to control.

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The stationWhere I told youI love you

this is so beautiful
  • dog: *barks*
  • me: chill
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The hunter’s moon, also known as the sanguine moon, is the first full moon following the harvest moon (the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox). Here the moonlight illuminates ice crystals in the upper atmosphere to give a rainbow halo effect around the moon. This is called a lunar corona